What to Expect

Once you have filled out our online enrollment form you will be contacted by one of our iGrad staff members who will walk you through a short interview.

The interview is important because we want to make sure that iGrad is going to be a good fit for your academic needs. If for any reason we are unable to enroll you into our program we will take the time to discuss other educational options that you might be able to look into.

Our goal is to help every student who contacts us… even if we are not the best option for you.

If the results of the interview indicate that we are a good academic fit for your needs, we can expedite enrollment.

Once enrolled, you will receive an orientation packet worth Technology credit. Working through the orientation, you’ll learn how to reach your teacher, your coach and tech support. You’ll learn a little about your own learning style and skill levels; you’ll find out about the class options available, and by the end of orientation, you’ll collaborate with your teacher to build an individualized learning plan and start other classes.

The plan, or ILP, will ensure that we’re on a solid track to graduation. You can work at your own pace. You can take a break when you need to, or even double up on the work in a given day.

You can work on them late at night, in the morning hours or on the weekend.

Your classes work around your schedule.

Through it all we are here to help you as you grow more comfortable and confident in taking your courses online.

As you move forward, your contact teacher (and other staff members) will work with you to ensure that you are firmly on the path to success. They will monitor your progress and performance, offer support and guidance, congratulate you when you meet your goals, and be there to help you when you fall short.

Individualized support and care is our way of ensuring that you won’t feel left behind again!

We are here to help!