Has your son or daughter walked away from school, or is considering walking away? Are they searching for alternative education? Are they dealing with negative social pressures, health concerns, trouble focusing, the need to work, or family responsibilities? iGrad is focused on helping students just like yours return to a safe and effective learning environment right in the comfort of their own home.

Our staff works with each student to select courses that match their specific needs, and offers support and encouragement as they begin their first steps to success in an online learning environment. We monitor progress closely and provide the support necessary for students to build self confidence as they pursue their goal of earning a high school diploma.

How can you help? We’re glad you asked! We’re looking to partner with you, but maybe not exactly how you might think. A prerequisite for enrollment is that students are mature enough to work through the enrollment process on their own. Students who take ownership of their enrollment from the start feel much more invested; they tend to be more committed and successful.

Please encourage your student to look at what we can offer, but allow them to make the decision and invest in their future.

Once the student is enrolled, we hope you’ll consider taking the role of Mentor. A Mentor asks questions: How is school going? Did you knock out some class work today? What are your goals for school this week? A Mentor helps celebrate successes and provides encouragement. If your student is underage, the Mentor role does have one formal responsibility to contact the iGrad teacher or coach once a month (or more! We want to hear from you).

If you have any questions or concerns before you encourage your child to look into our program, please call IDEA at 877-582-4332 and ask for an iGrad representative