“Making the difference in just one person’s life can make all the difference.”

Do you remember a time in your life when you needed someone’s help? When the challenges before you seemed too great, and if it were not for a guiding hand you may have given in to what seemed like an easier path in life? Where would you be right now if someone had not taken the time to care?

Now you have the opportunity to be that guiding hand for someone that looks up to you and has asked for your help!

Mentors and iGrad staff collaborate in a common goal. We are all working to ensure that students stay on track and don’t give up! We believe strongly that relationships are at the core of motivation. Your relationship with the student who nominated you gives you the foundation to be the strongest source of support when things get tough. You can be the one to help them through the hard times, and share in their success when they overcome their challenges.

We encourage you to communicate regularly with your student, and communicate regularly with us. Together we can help make the difference in one person’s life.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to being the person who took time to care!