Q: Do students in the iGrad program earn a real high school diploma?

A: Yes. The iGrad program is offered through the Galena City School District, which is an Alaska state funded public school system. Students who complete all credit requirements are awarded a high school diploma through the Galena City School District.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: iGrad is free! We receive funding from the Alaska State Department of Education just like every other public school in Alaska. Students who are age eligible and are enrolled in the program will receive services at no cost.

Q: I’m currently attending school, but would rather take courses at home. Can I transfer to the iGrad program?

A: If you are currently and successfully attending a classroom program, iGrad encourages you to stay with it! If you are having difficulties, talk to your counselor before making a decision to leave school. Just as there are benefits to alternative education, there are benefits to traditional classroom education! For some students, iGrad’s alternative model will be perfect. For others, a classroom may be best. If you have talked to your counselor and still believe alternative education is right for you, call us.

Q: I am not available to go to school during the day. Can I still enroll in the iGrad program?

A: Yes! The beauty of online courses is that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Are the courses difficult?

A: That all depends. We offer a variety of courses from different online curriculum providers. All courses comply with the Alaska state curriculum guidelines. The difficulty of the course mostly depends upon your background and skill level in the subject area. Many of our courses are “credit recovery” courses, and start with a pre-test to determine what skills you already know… then the rest of the course is based around the skills you still need to master (This allows you to invest your time on only the skills that you really need to learn instead of jumping through hoops.) Being comfortable using computers also makes the courses feel easier as you get used to going to school online.

Q:  Who may enroll in iGrad?

A: Students must be physically residing within the state of Alaska. Students must be in high school, and under the age of 20 years old. However, if you are 20, please call; your eligibility will be determined by your date of birth.