About iGrad Alaska

iGrad Alaska is a branch of the Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) program – an accredited, public school governed by Alaska State regulation and the Galena City School District. IDEA is the largest school in the state, and was developed as a partnership between home-school parents and public school educators. As IDEA matured into a well-recognized school of choice, the program saw a growing number of applicants who needed something other than a classroom model, and yet did not have the time or desire for the more traditional home-school program.  iGrad Alaska was created to be an optimal blend of teacher support and accelerated, quality, online education.

Students need educational alternatives for many reasons.

Some experience negative social pressures, some have children, some need to work full time to support family, some have health concerns, and many others have come to us simply because they feel the school they had been attending no longer cares about them. Our experience with such students has taught us that most have a desire and are motivated to earn a diploma, but feel trapped by life circumstances.

Success requires team effort!

iGrad Alaska offers support from certified teachers and motivational coaches, and we know the key keeping students in school is teamwork.  We want to partner with parents, relatives and friends as mentors.  Students know they need the extra encouragement, accountability and support.  Students are typically pleased to choose someone in their lives who will check in on progress once a week.  Mentors won’t be alone!  iGrad Alaska will be there with ideas and support to keep the relationship positive and effective.

In the iGrad Alaska program, we focus on the needs of the student… not the needs of the school!