Welcome to iGrad Alaska!

Sometimes we just need a fresh start!

One size does not fit all in education.  There are many reasons why classroom programs and even some alternative education programs are not the perfect fit for some students.  Are the students working full time?  Do they have family obligations?  Health concerns?  Are they dropping back into school?  Do they need credit recovery support?  Accelerated options?  The list goes on…

iGrad was designed from the ground up to provide students the strongest possible support with the student’s needs in mind, not the school’s needs! Just a few of the ways we make sure students are reaching their dreams of earning high school diplomas:  Online classes they can take from your home, teacher/coach/mentor support, flexible schedules, individualized education plans, a staff that cares about them as real individuals with real hopes and yes, real needs.

If you or someone you know can benefit from a quality education that breaks free of the old models of education, iGrad is right for you!